Emergency Response Team

FSC Leak Detection also offers 24/7 Emergency repair for utility companies and municipalities in the NJ/NY area.  Our rapid response team is trained to quickly pinpoint a leak and take action to control high quantities of water minimizing potential damage from broken pipes. 


Every underground water main break has unique challenges, and we’re prepared to handle them all. We own a full fleet of excavation equipment, ranging from a mini Kabotas that fit a 3-foot opening to a Caterpillar 330 that can dig up to 30 feet. We are also OSHA compliant and fully insured.


Additionally, we stock repair parts – which can be tough to find while repairs are being conducted outside of business hours. This saves time and money by allowing us to work through the night, and might even mean your business can open as scheduled the next morning. We stock everything from repair sleeves, Dresser coupling, brass fitting, ductile iron pipe, and copper pipe. 



Pre-Planning for Emergency Shutdowns


We hope you never have an emergency – but just in case, a thorough site evaluation and pre-planning for an emergency shutdown can save you thousands of dollars in collateral damage in the event of a water main break.


Don’t wait until an emergency to choose your contractor – it’s a careful selection process that takes time you won’t have when you see water pouring out of the ground or have to evacuate your entire business because of a water main break. 


Below is a short checklist of what to do in case of an emergency water main break:

  • Contact FSC to alert our team
  • Locate All Shut off Valves on the property
  • Test Functionality of Valves
  • Walk through with FSC to understand how to isolate water lines
  • Determine if Additional Valves will be necessary
We're on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 365 Days a year.