Water System Survey & Audits

According to the American Water Works Association currently in the US there are 800,000 miles of water pipe and another 700,000 miles of wastewater pipe.  With the Average age of underground pipes ranging from 60-130 years old it’s no wonder that 6 trillion gallons of water, wastewater, and storm water are lost to faulty, aging, or leaky pipes each year.



With such a vast amount of water and wastewater piping running through the US, FSC Leak Detection recognizes the importance of being able to survey large amounts of pipe in a short amount of time.  Our water system surveys utilize advanced logger technology which are strategically placed throughout a water system.  Once an FSC tech has evaluated a system and dropped loggers they can now begin relaying information back to a high performance correlator for interpretation. All of FSC’s Leak detection water system audits come with reportable data leaving the guesswork of the ground mic days in the past.


In a recent water system audit FSC Leak Detection was contracted to audit over 300 miles of pipe and returned close to 30 leaks, which were not apparent from any other means of system inspection.  Case after case FSC Leak detection has been able to save water companies thousands of gallons of water resulting in millions of dollars in savings. 



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